Paulo Parreira

Up to date, he has accompanied several fadistas, as Maria da Fé, Beatriz da Conceição, Kátia Guerreiro or Mafalda Arnauth.

Paulo Parreira
Fado Guitar

During Expo 98 he was the lead guitarist on the “Fado” stage. In 2001, with João Mário Veiga on viola, Anne Hermant on cello and Maria Castro-Balbi on violin, he founded the Trinadus group and, in 2004, the Trio D’Corda with Luís Pontes on classical guitar and Ricardo Cruz on double bass. As a soloist he has several edited albums.

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Maria da Fé

Founder of Sr. Vinho She was born in Porto on the 25th of May in the 40's and started singing Fado at the age of nine.