Your Fado House in Lisbon

Lisbon's most traditional Fado House was founded in 1975 by José Luís Gordo, Maria da Fé and António Melo Correia.

The University of Fado
Sr. Vinho is known as the great university of Fado

At Sr. Vinho you can hear the authentic Fado. Maria da Fé, a mandatory figure in the universe of Fado is responsible for Sr. Vinho’s artistic direction.

Sr. Vinho have had already been great names such as Ada de Castro, Mariza, Camané, Ana Moura, António Zambujo, Jorge Fernando,  Aldina Duarte, Maria da Nazaré,  Gisela João or Machado Soares who were accompanied by excellent musicians such as José Fontes Rocha, Pedro Leal, Paquito or José Manuel Neto. Today the house maintains a luxury cast, of great reputation and notorious recognition in the national and international musical circle.

Located in the traditional district of Lapa, this authentic Portuguese house offers a unique experience in an intimate and warming atmosphere. Sr. Vinho was distinguished as "Loja com História" (historic shop) for its cultural relevance and heritage to the city of Lisbon.

The restaurant ‘s space accommodates up to 80 people, provides an exquisite table service and the most typical Portuguese gastronomy. We have the ideal space for a dinner for two, among friends or for groups. Contact us!
the city
Listening to fado is to know Lisbon

Lisbon is undoubtedly one of the top election destinations in the world, having accumulated consecutive awards in recent years. It is a unique city, defined by its light, mild climate, its history and culture. A city full of charm and personality, Lisbon is nowadays a reflection of its development focused on modernity, but which holds its secrets and traditions with pride and affection.

Celebrated by poets, writers and artists, this beautiful city gave birth to the musical genre that condenses the soul of its people.

Lisboa mirante

 Fado, which lives in the city’s houses, corners and alleys, is an unforgettable and obligatory experience for its visitors.

Fado nas ruelas de Lisboa
Fado in its essence is Lisbon itself

Fado in its greatest expression sings about love and life’s comings and goings. Fado was considered by UNESCO in 2011 as a World Heritage.

A family business
Family traditions passed down from generation to generation
Maria da Fé
Maria da Fé

Founder and Artistic Director

José Luis Gordo
José Luis Gordo

Founder and Poet

Rita Gordo
Rita Gordo

Business Manager

Filipa Gordo
Filipa Gordo


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Maria da Fé

Founder of Sr. Vinho She was born in Porto on the 25th of May in the 40's and started singing Fado at the age of nine.