Francisco Salvação Barreto

He started singing at a young age among family and friends and, naturally, Fado became part of his life. He performs in fado houses and in various shows in Portugal and abroad. He is deeply influenced by traditional fado, which serves as a basis for singing the words of great names in literature and Fado.


The year 2018 is marked by the release of his first album, Horas da Vida, with the label Museu do Fado Discos. 

In the words of Camané, who signed the voice direction of his first record – “His style, authentic, imposed itself in his way of singing. For years, he matured in fado houses and in contact with other fado singers. This was his school. Today, his maturity is revealed in the way he manages to recreate the tempos of traditional fados. With a faster rhythm, but without ever losing the meaning of the word and the strength of an emotional register."

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Maria da Fé

Founder of Sr. Vinho She was born in Porto on the 25th of May in the 40's and started singing Fado at the age of nine.