Ana Sofia Varela

She is one of the most prominent voices in the so-called new generation of Fado. In addition to the homonymous album and “Fados de Amor e Pecado”, Ana Sofia Varela participated in the work of António Chaínho “A Guitarra e Outros Mulheres”. At the invitation of João Braga, she integrated the album “Cem Anos de Fado” and later recorded a song with lyrics by José Luís Peixoto and music by Fredo Mergner for the compilation “Movimentos Perpétuos” that paid tribute to Carlos Paredes.

Ana Sofia Varela

Another important stage in her career was the SAL project founded in 2006 together with José Peixoto, Fernando Júdice and Vicky. A year later, Ana Sofia Varela joined the cast of the film “Fados”, directed by Carlos Saura and won the “Amália Rodrigues” Award in the category of best female fado singer. Two years later, she won the same award with the album “Fados de Amor e Pecado”, written and composed by the duo João Gil (music) and João Monge (lyrics).

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